Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-20R 1-1/2-Quart Automatic Ice CreamCuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Makers is very cute and compact yet it makes great ice cream. This ice cream maker works at the touch of your fingers as it is fully automatic. Just add the ingredients, push a button and your desert will be ready in just 20-30 min. No mixing or stirring is required. This model doesn’t just make great ice cream, you can also make frozen yogurt, sorbet or frozen drinks. Fresh ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts and dried fruits can also be added to suit your liking.

It is fully automatic and very easy to use. It has the capacity to make upto 1-1/2 quarts of sorbet/ice cream. With heavy duty motor, your ice cream,sorbet or frozen yogurt is ready in just 30 min without any salt or ice. This product comes with a double insulated freezer bowl that offers even freezing and creamy result. The mixing arm and the freezer bowl can easily be disassembled thus making it very to clean.


This product has more than a thousand reviews in Amazon with an overall 4 and a half star rating. Most reviewers are very happy with the product at it makes great ice cream and yet very easy to operate. Reviewers also thought that it is worth a buy and it is a very good value for money.

Although it is very compact and good looking, a few reviewers find that it can be quite noisy. The freezer bowls takes 24-48 hours to solidly freeze depending on your freezer. The freezer bowl can thaw quite quickly, reviewers have suggested that you start making ice cream as soon as the bowl is out of the freezer. Due to its clever design, it does not require ice or salt, hence eliminating a couple of steps and making it mess-free. The non-stick chamber and the ability to easily disassemble the mixing arm and the freezer bowl makes it very easy to clean.

According to our research, we highly recommend it highly as it is very simple to use. This product is suitable for anyone who likes to make their own ice cream and for those who are wanting to start making your own ice cream and looking to buy your first ice cream maker. Home-made ice cream couldn’t be easier. This product is available on Amazon and comes with three year limited warrantee. When purchased from Amazon, do retain your receipt in case of any product exchange due to any faults.

What a great way to indulge yourself with the home-made favourite desert and with Christmas just around the corner, this also makes a fantastic gift idea.

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